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Eugene Skeef reviewed VisaHQ
I'm very pleased to say that the service was excellent. Excited to have my visa. (on Facebook)
Eugene Skeef 12.09.2016
Olivia Hulse reviewed VisaHQ
Wow, what a brilliant service! I was completely freaking about getting my e-visa in time for going to India. From the moment, I spoke with Maria on the Monday before my trip, she immediately calmed me down and made the application process so smooth. Regular updates were provided to me throughout the days after my application. My e-visa arrived on Thursday, the day before my trip and I can honestly say I cannot wait to use the service again, as it really did take out the hassle of applying myself. (on Google)
Olivia Hulse 12.08.2016
Monica Louis reviewed VisaHQ
It was my first time when I used Visa HQ and for sure not last. Customer service was great - especially Paulin (hope I got the name right).
All done on time and nothing is too much for them. (on Google)
Monica Louis 12.08.2016
Ruth Paddon reviewed VisaHQ
Excellent service and attention to your needs . I really trust them with my documents and got fantastically quick results . (on Facebook)
Ruth Paddon 12.01.2016
Megan Thompson reviewed VisaHQ
I used the Visa HQ services in both the US and UK and could NOT be more pleased, especially with the UK services. They were diligent, helpful, FAST, personally picked up and delivered passports back to our office that were sensitive. I trusted Maria and her team with a former world leader's materials and they executed with such precision. I would never use another company. We will be using Maria for all of our visa's in the future. (on Facebook)
Megan Thompson 11.24.2016
Indi Howard reviewed VisaHQ
So so so helpful!! I never write reviews but the amount of care I got was incredible. I'd recommend visaHQ to anyone. Thanks to Everybody! (on Facebook)
Indi Howard 11.17.2016
Aarati Bantawa Rai reviewed VisaHQ
I used visaHQ to get the visa for hongkong. I must say the service was great. Very prompt response to email, reliable and i got the visa within 4 weeks although it says 6 weeks.
Great service and would highly recommend. :)
thank you VisaHQ (on Facebook)
Aarati Bantawa Rai 11.04.2016
Graham Daniells reviewed VisaHQ
i found VisaHQ a very good e mail was answered promptly and the advice and information provided was very helpful and easy to understand.i will certainly be using VisaHQ in the future for all my holiday plans particularly as my wife is thai and needs a visa to travel nearly everywhere. (on Facebook)
Graham Daniells 10.13.2016
Kanthi Perera reviewed VisaHQ
They were very good the person that helped us very kind (Maria) (on Facebook)
Kanthi Perera 10.10.2016
Tim Webster reviewed VisaHQ
Just wanted to say a huge thank you - your services were truly excellent, and I’ve never experienced such a hassle-free experience in getting visas!!! (on Facebook)
Tim Webster 09.29.2016
Deki Donkar reviewed VisaHQ
Efficient service and their team has a lot of patience to answer your queries.
Special thank you to Janis Mikelsons, Dilek and Michael (on Facebook)
Deki Donkar 09.29.2016
Raphaelle Tripet reviewed VisaHQ
By far the quickest and most efficient visa service. Within hours of applying, a lovely customer service specialist (Janis) responded directly asking for additional info and within 24h I had my visa. Thanks again, what a world of a difference compared to the old visa service that was manual, slow and painful! (on Facebook)
Raphaelle Tripet 08.10.2016
Dr. D. Hakem reviewed VisaHQ
Today I called Visahq to enquire about what is needed to apply for a visa to Kenya. I have to say that I read some reviews about this company Visahq, which were very good but instead of applying online I decided to call and make some enquiries.

When I called within few seconds a call handler replied and asked how could they help me that call handler I know now by the name of Kim Basset.

As an employer myself over the last 25 years I was rather impressed by the way she handled my call, Kim was extremely pleasant and in no time she explained to me all I need to get my visa, she was that pleasant I took advantage, and asked about the visa for some other countries such as Russia and again in no time she explained to me in a thorough way all I need to know.

After my call to Visahq, which was handled by Kim Basset, I feel very pleased and I feel I can trust the company and will be the safe place to apply for my visa and any future visas. (on Facebook)
Dr. D. Hakem 07.25.2016
Jenni Bulmer reviewed VisaHQ
Absolutely brilliant, had made quite a few mistakes and they were able to correct all of them without any charge whatsoever. Plus they were absolutely lovely :) (on Facebook)
Jenni Bulmer 06.21.2016
Trabelsi Lotfi reviewed VisaHQ
Great service from Dilek Aydemir as she understands my business travel plans and manages to get me visas between two trips. Will keep using VisaHQ! (on Facebook)
Trabelsi Lotfi 06.03.2016
 Sandra Caramelito reviewed VisaHQ
I am very happy with the service, Kim helped me through the whole process, answer my questions, guide my into preparing my application and I got the visa with no problems at all, in perfect timing. Overall a very good experience. (on Facebook)
Sandra Caramelito 05.05.2016
Cicha Cichowska reviewed VisaHQ
Huge Thank You to Kim Basset from VisaHQ, London Office at Farringdon who helped me with my visa application. The whole process was very smooth and quick! thanks a lot! (on Facebook)
Cicha Cichowska 05.04.2016
Lorand Bartels reviewed VisaHQ
Kim Basset did a terrific job with an Indian visa for me, which was not easy ... high 5 for negotiating the licence raj with such aplomb. (on Facebook)
Lorand Bartels 04.27.2016
Kieran Lowe reviewed VisaHQ
A slightly rocky start with getting the correct visa completed but overall a great service. Highly recommended (on Facebook)
Kieran Lowe 03.16.2016
Chetna Sian Hughes reviewed VisaHQ
The days of presenting myself at the Indian High Commission for when it opened at 08:30, spending a pleasant day about town & collecting the passport with visa at 16:00 that same day are long gone. In these rapidly changing times it’s great to find such prompt & efficient service. Gone through the process via this agency a number of times, & have nothing but praise. Once again, excellent service from all at Visa HQ, thank you so much for making the process so painless! (on Facebook)
Chetna Sian Hughes 03.02.2016
Charisse G. Torrefranca reviewed VisaHQ
I have an urgent Visa requirement for Azerbaijan for business trip. When I contacted them, they gave me the quick option for the visa. Jann Lorenz who took the call was very efficient and informative. He continuously followed up with me for the developments of the visa. As a result, I have received the passport without any delay and was delivered to our office.
thank you.


Charissa (on Facebook)
Charisse G. Torrefranca 02.15.2016
Jan Whittington reviewed VisaHQ
I am very pleased with the service from VisaHQ. They will answer any questions relating to travel, not just visa queries! Friendly and efficient service. Thanks. (on Facebook)
Jan Whittington 02.10.2016